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Off Season? No Such Thing When it Comes to Buying a Home!

We’re officially in what many would consider the “off season” in real estate. The months between November and January (and even February to March) are generally reserved for family gatherings, shopping for gifts instead of homes, and waiting out the wetter, colder months before getting back into the home hunt. Don’t make that mistake!

There are a few great reasons to get your offers in during the off season that can really pay off—literally:

  • Less Competition
    Summer months can be full of bidding wars and offering well over asking prices just to be in the running for your dream home. With less buyers out there to contend with your offer, you are a seller’s shining star where even an average offer can qualify you quickly.
  • Lower Prices
    Supply and demand dictates that with less buyers shopping for homes, the prices are going to be more affordable than at peak season. Lower offers, request for repairs, and negotiating closing costs can give you the leverage to save in the long run.
  • Tax Benefits
    If you buy a home before the new fiscal year can help with tax deduction claims in the next tax season, offsetting some of your taxable earnings.
  • A Speedy Process
    Can’t wait to get into your new home? With a lower demand on inspectors, lenders, and appraisers, you can get all that business taken care of quickly so you can move right in!

The real takeaway is that there is really no off season when it comes to home buying. Every season has its perks that, when you know them, you can take advantage of to maximize your purchase!

Let us know how we can help—we’ve got all the tricks of the trade…and Happy Holidays!