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Selling Your Fixer-Upper

When preparing to sell your home, it’s easy to start busting out the hammer, paint, and checkbook to fix it up to the market’s standards, believing it has to be in a near-new state to sell. While a turn-key home is ideal, especially for first-time buyers, it isn’t a necessity to have a pristine home on the market.

When considering what to actually do, the one thing to consider before spending a penny is if you believe you can get the equity of that fix out of the home’s final sales price. This can be a very difficult thing to determine, and it’s best to consult with a professional (like your local, friendly, top Realtor) to consider the home’s condition, market trends, and cost of updates and repairs.

HomeLight provided a great video on 6 tricks to help sell your fixer-upper for top dollar without breaking the bank—as long as there are no structural or safety concerns.

Again, any questions, concerns, and cost analysis can be easily cleared up with a single phone call to a local Realtor!